[chandler-users] PostgreSQL support

Randy Letness randy at osafoundation.org
Tue Dec 4 08:45:30 PST 2007

PostgresSQL *should* work, although its not currently tested.  In 
addition to the configuration in server.xml, you must also make changes 
to the cosmo.properties file in:


You need to set the dialect property like this:



BALATON Zoltan wrote:
> Hello,
> Although the documantation did not say PostgreSQL is supported it was 
> mentioned in the server.xml configuration so I decided to give it a 
> try. All I managed to get were some error messages to the effect:
> WARN  [AnnotationSessionFactoryBean] Unsuccessful schema statement: 
> create table attribute (attributetype varchar(16) not null, id bigint 
> not null, createdate bigint, etag varchar(255), modifydate bigint, 
> localname varchar(255) not null, namespace varchar(255) not null, 
> binvalue blob(102400000), booleanvalue smallint, datevalue timestamp, 
> tzvalue varchar(32), decvalue numeric(19,6), textvalue 
> clob(102400000), intvalue bigint, stringvalue varchar(2048), itemid 
> bigint not null, primary key (id), unique (itemid, namespace, localname))
> PSQLException: ERROR: syntax error at or near "("
> and so on. Is this because:
> 1. I've tried something unsupported that is not supposed to work anyway.
> 2. I have a configuration error in my database server or Chandler Server.
> 3. I hit a bug that could be fixed.
> 4. Or something completely different.

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