[chandler-users] Creating Items using the search box

Robin Cottiss rcottiss at cottiss.com
Wed Aug 29 13:32:32 PDT 2007

Hi Jeffery,

I went back and retested this and I must have been looking at All items.
When I am looking at tasks it does indeed create a task. I like the way you
can create an event then drag it to the right time and resize it to the
right duration. Nice!

If unstamped items are Notes why not give them an explicit filter? I will
see if this has been discussed previously.


>> If I create an item in the search bar what type of item is it? I am
>> New Item (Ctrl N) will do the same thing. As I was looking at tasks I was
>> hoping that the item would be a task. It seems that the only way to see
>> is to look at All items. If there are items that are not Mail, Tasks or
>> Events should there be an Other (is this an Unstamped item?) toolbar
>If you just type text into the quick entry area, it should create an
>item matching your current filter (so if you're viewing tasks, it should
>create a task).  If that doesn't happen for you, it's a bug, please file
>There are items with no "stamps" added, we call them Notes.  The only
>way to view them is to use the "All" button (no filter).
>You can also do
>/event some_text
>/event /task other_text
>to make an item with different stamps than your current filter.
>Focus ought to stay in the quick entry area after you create an item, so
>you can create lots of items quickly.  Focus changes now (that's a bug)
>so you have to hit ctrl-K to get back to quick entry without using the

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