[Fwd: Re: Re: [chandler-users] Chandlerserver which Path for Account Subscription?]

Henry henry78 at gmx.at
Wed Aug 29 10:52:13 PDT 2007

On Mi, 2007-08-29 at 08:48 -0700, Morgen Sagen wrote: 
> On 8/29/07, Henry <henry78 at gmx.at> wrote:
> > Have to overrule. I set up my Chandler Server Connection as "Chandler
> > Hub Sharing" in the Account Preferences. I'm able to test the Account,
> > but if i want to publish a collection, I'm prompted to set up a WebDAV
> > account... huh?
> I think I see where the confusion might be coming from.  When you go
> to publish a collection, a "Publish" dialog appears displaying the
> name of the collection and a pulldown list of sharing accounts to
> choose from.
No, I set up an (Account-Type Chandler Sharing)  and the test works. If
i want to share a collection I don't see a pull-down-menu, just a text
box, that prompts me to set up a CalDAV Account.

But the good news: that was rc1, rc2 shows me the pull-down-menu. Thanks
again for having a look at this.

> The names that appear in that list correspond to the
> "Description" fields in the Account Preferences dialog.  When you
> create a new account in the Account Preferences dialog, the default
> Description for the account is something like "New WebDAV Sharing
> Account" (or whatever is the appropriate account type).  So perhaps
> when you first tried creating a WebDAV account you didn't change the
> Description field for it, and therefore "New WebDAV Sharing Account"
> is appearing in the Publish dialog, causing you to think you need to
> create a new account?  Try clicking on the Sharing account pulldown
> listbox and see if the Chandler Server account you created is in the
> list.
> > Is WebDav the correct protocol to publish my
> > collections?
> When publishing collections to a Chandler server, you'll want to use a
> "Chandler Server" sharing account, since that type of account uses a
> more efficient protocol to synchronize between desktop and server.
> ~morgen
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