[chandler-users] Re: Call for feedback on Chandler demo movies

Chris Haumesser ch at awry.ws
Fri Aug 24 14:29:36 PDT 2007

Hi Mimi,

Great job on the videos.  They do an excellent job of demonstrating how 
smooth the Chandler workflow has become.

The "louder" versions of all the videos are definitely better.  Both 
Navigation videos have a lot of whitenoise in the background, making 
your voice harder to understand.  I didn't notice it as much in the others.

I was surprised at the size of the videos (I chose to download them for 
offline viewing).  Do you plan to offer a flash version and/or post on 

> 1. Does the current ordering make sense?
> + Navigation-FS
> + Smorgasbord-QE
> + Stamping
> + Triage-Ticklers
> + Share-Hub

I think it does, yes.

> 2. Do you prefer the demos with or without background music? You can  
> compare Exp_Smorgasbord-QE.mov with No_Music_Smorgasbord-QE.mov)

I like having music, but I think the tracks here are a little too 
percussive, as they tend to cover up your voice.

> 3. What portions of the demos are confusing?

I don't personally find any of the videos confusing, but I suspect they 
may be too fast for some audiences.  For instance, I don't think my 
parents could watch this series of videos, and then fire up Chandler and 
be able to immediately replicate the magic they saw you conjuring.

It's a great demo of the workflow for a savvy user or someone with some 
beginning Chandler familiarity already.  You might need to slow things 
down and explain a little more for the beginner crowd.

Overall, I think the screencasts are a good idea, and these are a great 


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