[chandler-dev] Chandler wiki, long term: translations of pages (with or without TWiki/Foswiki)

Graham Perrin G.J.Perrin at bton.ac.uk
Sun May 24 03:35:27 PDT 2009


> multi-language, single-page ...  multi-lingual versions of content in Twiki


> As TWiki is used for Chandler Project and other OSAF wikis: 
>  * might the recent news impact in any way on plans for development of the
> wiki?

In recent months on chandler-users there have been various expressions 
of interest re: translation.

Most recently, <http://n2.nabble.com/-tp2931809p2935136.html>: 

> Packages with lots of security holes in the past are likely to have 
> lots of security holes in the future.  TWiki is in the same category. 

Is the long term plan to continue with TWiki?

My reason for asking: Plone could be much better suited to multi-lingual 
content. (You may not think of Plone as a wiki, but it's easily 
configured to behave comparably.)

Whilst a transition from TWiki to Plone may be non-trivial, the 
long-term benefits could be great. 



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