[chandler-dev] Planning through end of Feb 2009

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Tue Jan 6 15:34:39 PST 2009

Jeffrey, Grant, Sheila and I had a conference call today to map out a  
plan for the next 7 weeks. Here are the notes:

What do we want to accomplish by end of February?

Chandler 2.0 (Re-architecture) - Status
(More detailed status report coming soon from Jeffrey and Grant!)
- 80% of the data model of Chandler 1.0 is in place in 2.0
- Fair amount of interaction model with no UI
- Almost done with Export + Reload (EIM)

Still to be done:
- A little bit of UI
- Persistence

Estimated "Feature Complete" date: Jan 16, 2009

Once we're "Feature Complete", Jeffrey and Grant will turn their  
attention to documentation, including:
- Integrating re-arch documentation into existing Wiki / Landing Page
- Blogging about re-arch
- "Marketing" re-arch to potentially interested developer communities

Short-term goal is to walk a small test group of interested  
developers through the process of "discovering" and installing  
Chandler 2.0 and respond to any feedback.

Last, but not least, there is the work of documenting plans for  
"moving forward with re-architecture" which I imagine includes things  
like Sharing?

There are also patches in place for a 1.0.3 Desktop + Cosmo release
- User preference to change first day of the week
- patch for a mail bug Graham logged

- CalDAV patches (which have been pretty thoroughly tested by users)
- Morgen submitted a patch to boost performance in vobject parsing

For Cosmo
- Notifications
- Advertise iPhone app
- I believe Jared also had a laundry list of items, need to check-in  
with him on that.

Mimi to dig around bugzilla to make sure there isn't something missing.

We also think it's important to do another release of Chandler 1.0 to  
test out the "new" build system.

Proposed Schedule

1. Jan 16, 2009 "Feature Complete" for Re-arch
2. 2nd half of Jan Work on documentation for re-arch, advertise re- 
arch and test and respond to feedback from developers.
3. 1st week of Feb Cosmo / 1.0.3 release
4. 2nd half of Feb Document plan going forward for re-arch

Need to sync up with Jared on:
- Cosmo release
- Linux build
- New build system for Desktop 1.0

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