[chandler-dev] Building Chandler 2 on Windows without Visual Studio

Grant Baillie grant at osafoundation.org
Thu Apr 30 09:25:46 PDT 2009

On 24 Apr, 2009, at 17:51, Grant Baillie wrote:

> On 24 Apr, 2009, at 15:06, Robbie MacKay wrote:
>> Hey,
>> I'm interested in getting involved in the development of Chandler.
>> But I can only find instructions on setting up a build environment in
>> Linux (http://chandlerproject.org/Developers/ChandlerTwoSetup)
>> Has anyone managed to get Chandler 2 to build in windows?
>> Is there anyway to build it using Cygwin & gcc rather than Microsoft
>> Visual Studio .NET 2003 ??
>> I've made some attempts but I'm not having much luck so wondering if
>> anyone can give me some pointers?
>> Thanks,
>> Robbie MacKay.
> Hi, Robbie
> Sorry, I need to update that documentation for other platforms ...
> I'll do that first thing Monday.
> The executive summary will be that you shouldn't need anything other
> than Cygwin, if you use chandler1's Makefile to get various binaries
> (like python, wxPython).

After losing my changes in this week's network outage :(, I finally  
updated the Chandler 2 setup instructions. Unfortunately, the problem  
you reported earlier with Chandler 1.0's make will block you from  
installing on Windows without Visual Studio: I hope to get that  
resolved ASAP.


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