[Chandler-dev] Re: Update on Notifications Feature Work

Randy Letness randy at osafoundation.org
Thu Sep 4 16:36:24 PDT 2008

> To summarize, Randy has done the lion's share of back-end support for 
> notifications. *(**Randy, one thing Jeffrey and I were unclear about 
> was whether you had implemented sending out properly formatted emails, 
> as per the proposal on the UpcomingReport wiki page.)*

I'm ready to commit the changes from merging the scheduler branch with 
trunk, and that should be done tomorrow some time or maybe tonight.  I 
have implemented most of the email formatting, but I left some details 
out  (all dates are formatted the same for example).   These are things 
that can be worked on later...at the time it seemed like too much work 
to see a minor change in the the way a date was displayed.  Also, the 
email contents is just a template that can be customized on hub without 
a hub update.

> *For this first pass we're keeping preferences simple (Randy, please 
> verify).*
> - Users can only sign up 1 email address to receive notifications.

This email address will be the one associated with the account to keep 
it simple.

> - Users can only receive 1 report per day or 1 report per week 
> (Mondays), at the beginning of the day (6AM? 5:30AM?) - Time is 
> pre-set and can't be changed.
> - Users can specify which collections they would like to receive 
> reports for.
> - The content of the reports will include:
> -- Forecast of upcoming events
> -- List of items currently in NOW

Sounds good.  I also need to write up some docs on how to configure the 
schedule using user preferences.  I hope to get a test instance up and 
running next week on lab and setup some schedules using atom (I have a 
script that helps with this).


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