[Chandler-dev] problem in hacking of web gui of cosmo

vaibhav saxena vaibhavstpl at gmail.com
Thu May 29 22:00:32 PDT 2008

There is one stage where i have stuck. i am trying to add one new field in
signup form in web gui of chandler server. i have changed in the following

1. add the element in common.js

2.change the labels key in properties file

3. 3. change in cosmo/account/create.js where i add the field while making
the user hash in

4.i have made changes in the userlist.html by adding the template for the
alternate mail as

5.but now i have stuck somewhere. i am telling you where  i am stucking. i
am trying to access my alternate mail in

But it is not reaching there. i tried to debug it and reached at the
conclusion that when i am making the xml from the userhash, it is creating
problem (I tried to comment the code i write in userHashToXML: function(),
and all working fine).  But i have to add the  element in the xml.  It is
sure that xml is creatin. i have debug that.

I am also not reaching at

what is ioArgs and where is copming from.

please help me out. Where i should make changes to work the web gui fine
after adding the field so that the value reached to the cmpServlet

thank you

Vaibhav Saxena
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