[Chandler-dev] Checkin 5.27.2008

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Tue May 27 12:14:45 PDT 2008

- katie checking in this week
- shambhala for sprint week
- users list emails
- go into osaf for logistical issues
- need to figure out
- 1.0 release stuff

- product demo up
- got some feedback and doing more tweaks
- more user stories
- product comparison

- friday: changes to sorting and writing tests
- today: next bug

- fixing functional tests
- looking into random crashes

- more work on DV last week
- shooting end of today or tomorrow to be done with that
- responded to email this morning on dev list
- responded to google calendar + goosync one - help us test out scenario

- going through buglist for 1.0
- nothing critical to fix for 1.0
- ready to move onto notifications work
- did some interop testing with evolution - log those

* sheila - need to follow up with randy on lazslo stuff

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