[Chandler-dev] Checkin 5/21/2008

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Wed May 21 11:21:23 PDT 2008

- I am continuing to check in with everybody. I am trying to get a  
sense of when we will be ready to do 1.0. Mimi and I have quite a few  
marketing and prep tasks to have ready so we need to make sure we  
have all that done on time.
- I am also starting to think a bit about the sprint week (when Randy  
is in town). I will email Keith and get a conference room at 543 Howard.
- More 1:1s today and tomorrow and I am going to sync up with Mimi on  
a couple of marketing things.
- I have also decided to postpone the board meeting this friday. I  
don't have a bunch of information I need to prepare ie: financials  
etc so I think I am just going to cancel and setup another one in 2-3  
weeks ( I will talk to Katie more about this).

- spent some of yesterday chasing down more brokenness from the  
debian security bug - this time related to lab/hub svn
- finished up disable signups feature and docs
- reviewed buglist with sheila - have plan of record for now to 1.0
- today: email about auth plan for 1.0, web work q

- ripping out the old Trellis API....  slow going, as there are lots  
of tests for it, and I'm trying to make sure that
- same essential features tested in new API
- expect release 0.7a2 this week

- posted rick rawson's user story
- 4 more in q
- if users list enthusiasm holds up, methinks we'll have pretty  
steady stream...which is awesome
- also starting to think about osaf story for launch plan
- wiki work - stuff that needs updating
- oh and need to sync up with grant/sheila on work q for desktop

- hub update this morning
- found caldav bug in 0.15, fixed it (12103) - will need to roll out  
- working on bug 12037 - Sync Chandler Notes / Starred Notes as  
iCalendar Tasks

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