[Chandler-dev] Checkin 5.20.2008

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Tue May 20 11:40:25 PDT 2008

- kt out this week
- check-in with everyone to see if there's anything you're waiting on  
kt to do
- board meeting on Friday - go ahead with it?
- taking on admin stuff
- 1.0 planning stuff
- review work qs today
- caught up on email
- got list of organizations that give grants - looking to see who we  
could contact, will send out summary to strategy list

- not a lot of change since Thursday
- released pub/sub hub facility
- still a few documentation tasks
- take a look at how to fit it in, release without it
- get rid of old API that was deprecated in previous release

- working on seeing how much it would take digest authentication working
- we no longer work with Apple iCal server
- they never send passwords in plaintext over the net - but we use  
basic auth, not digest
- doing auth part is straightforward, getting all our stuff to work  
that way is tricky
- may be that we give up for 1.0 - worth giving it a try to see if  
it's doable
- do a write-up for list

- auth on hub
- some of our plans for wsse are more complicated than we thought
- will summarize in email
- hub update workflows working again - damaged by debian security  
issue last week

- hub update - didn't go as planned
- try to keep lab and hub in sync, but they weren't
- working on getting them back in sync, hopefully do a hub update soon
- doing some more thinking about caldav-task/event sync

* mimi - what's missing?
* randy - just waiting for final thoughts
* sheila - do a last call?

- getting to understand cosmo code that does sorting of things
- rewriting the client code for sorting

- wrap up the list discussions re: task/star/caldav: have 2 emails  
ready to go
- 2 more user stories about managing contacts in chandler
- waiting for ie6 screenshot to push out new landing page

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