[Chandler-dev] Checkin 5/19/2008

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Mon May 19 11:25:36 PDT 2008

- Working on the usual Monday morning activities....cleaning up spam,  
mailing list moderation, reading the mailing lists. I am also going  
through the chandler items for updated ones.
- Schedule a couple of mtgs for this week
- Chandler / OneNote / Basecamp comparisons
- Dashboard metrics
- Additional downloads due to

- asked/received permission for user quotes on landing page: http:// 
- need to fix my svn broken-ness situation - jeffrey helping
- posted laura garcia's users list email to blog - more user stuff on  
the way
- tweaking audio slideshow script - gonna re-record today or tomorrow  
- another pass
- and the some list emails - 3 issues are:
-- 1. assigning ownership to items - this would be post 1.0
-- 2. what date to assign in date column - think i might have short- 
term proposal - but need to noodle a bit more
-- 3. working out caldav-chandler syncing proposal with randy - seems  
like we have good solution

* sheila - Did you see the email to the users list - where they asked  
how to sort by date?
* mimi - yes i can reply with link to boog

- finished up 0.15.0 release
- made some more release process enhancements, notably a script for  
pulling list of bugs fixed in milestone into pretty text/html lists
- background web queue work, which is going to ramp up to full bore  
foreground today

* sheila - travis...is the web queue in pretty good shape. Do we need  
to do a review? Katie usually takes care of this...just asking  
because she's been gone for a couple of weeks.
* travis - we'll need review this week, there are some things on  
there that won't be finished in time
* meet tomorrow morning to review web queue

- Fixed Bug 11917 (Month view printouts are garbled on Windows)
- Checked in test that sanity checks menu item mnemonics and  
- Worked some on sharing issues/bugs, mainly looking at doing digest  
auth for interop with apple ical server.

- Helping hamstar with SVN/SSH issues.  Fixed a few bugs, now working  
on changing sort in the Cosmo list view.  Did people see my note  
about yet another wacky Lightning client bombarding us?  This time  
the person doing it noticed and stopped, but we gotta talk to the  
Lightning guys
- randy sent email, I'm replying, that the user-agent for the bad  
lightning is:
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/ 
20080421 Lightning/0.8 Thunderbird/'

* sheila - why is this happening?
* jeffrey - most likely a Lightening bug - http:// 
-- will log bug against Lightening
* sheila - talk to someone there?
* grant - dan mosedale?
* randy - it would be nice if we could reproduce

- working on caldav <--> chandler model, still a couple of open  
issues if people could chime in, that'd be great
-- what to do with VTODOs that have dates
- hub update probably early tomorrow morning

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