[Chandler-dev] Can we change the When column behavior for events with alarms?

Avner Shanan ashanan.chandler at gmail.com
Fri May 16 15:13:16 PDT 2008

What if creating an alarm for an item automatically created another item
with the alarm date that had a [Reminder] tag, or something similar, in the
title?  That way you would have both the "Wedding    July 4" and "[Reminder]
Wedding     June 20" items with appropriate dates.  I don't use the alarms
very often and so I'm not really sure how most people use them.  This would
work fine for me, but perhaps it would be too cluttered for people who use
them frequently.

I wonder if what we're really wanting (again) is the ability to create a
> separate, linked Task item with a Tickler Alarm so that you can still see
> the original event item with the appropriate event date.

I'm not sure, but this basically seems to be what I was getting at.  If so,
thats what my vote would be for.

-Avner Shanan-
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