[Chandler-dev] Can we change the When column behavior for events with alarms?

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at osafoundation.org
Fri May 16 12:36:18 PDT 2008

Hi Folks,

I've heard a lot of people who use Chandler Desktop on a regular basis 
say they don't like the way adding an alarm changes the list-view "When" 
field for events.

I'd like to add my voice asking that we change this.  I know the use 
case for the current behavior is something like:

- I'm going to a wedding on July 4th.  I want to remind myself to buy a 
present by June 20, so I add a June 15 alarm

I can see that this is useful, but it seems to me in this case, it's 
enough to just add the alarm, it'll pop to NOW on time.

The cost to the current behavior seems high.  I find I can't scan my 
events for start times.  In fact, in my personal use of Chandler I've 
been so consistently confused by the When column that I realized today 
I've been sub-consciously avoiding creating alarms for the last several 

So, can we change the design for this?  My proposal would be:

A) Show start time for events (and only show the event icon, not the 
alarm icon, in the event-stamp column, so events are really 
distinguished from notes with alarms), UNLESS, optionally
B) Both the alarm is in the future, and start time is in the past

The second part is optional to me because, personally, an event's very 
event-ness completely dominates any alarm I've set.  I'm delighted that 
the alarm will bring the event back to my attention, I don't find that I 
need to scan for what time I set the alarm for.


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