[Chandler-dev] [Proposal] Assigning an "Owner" to an item

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at osafoundation.org
Fri May 16 12:17:51 PDT 2008

Hi Mimi,

> The "Owner" wouldn't change. It's just that the Who-column should 
> temporarily display who last edited,sent or updated an item so long as 
> the item is marked Unread. If the item has an Owner, then the Who column 
> should go back to displaying the Owner attribute as soon as it is marked 
> "Read".
> So it would look something like this:
> *Who Column*
> own Mimi --> Andre edits the item and it is marked Unread for me
> ed Andre --> I click on item to see Andre's edits and item is marked 
> Read for me
> own Mimi

So, my way of thinking about this (if I got it right) is, in the who column:

- When a message is unread, everything acts the way it does now
- When a message is read, Owner takes precedence, if their is one

Beyond that, we're just adding a new field that defaults to empty.

Is that right?  Sounds good to me.


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