[Chandler-dev] Checkin 5/16/2008

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Fri May 16 11:32:45 PDT 2008

- acceptance tests for 0.7.6, logged some bugs
- got copy of OneNote, going to install that and work on write-up  
comparing OneNote and Chandler
- sent out some emails, pinging people I haven't heard in a while,  
some CSG folks
- catch up on list discussions today

- committed fix for bug 11846: auto-triage CalDAV events

- found some serious bugs with date deserialization code on the  
client, required some 0.15 work
- move tests from old unit test structure so that a) there's now no  
excuse to not write js unit tests and b) it's much easier to run  
whole unit test suite during dev/release
- today: 0.15 release, debugging wsse client auth code on the side

- fixed couple minor bugs
- looking at 1.0 bugs
- 0.15 release

* sheila - who is going to do release notes/ blog post?
* randy - prolly me/travis

- finished 1st pass of audio slideshows (sharing, yay!)
- posted Andre's indep detail view write up
- have Laura's and Alex's lined up, almost ready to go
- had a brainwave about how to solve the "assign owners to items in  
Chandler" problem that I haven't had good solution for, for like 3  
years - so writing that up as a break from all these user stories and  

- Built and released Desktop 0.7.6, including verification of update  
check from 0.7.6-rc1.
- A couple of administratory checkins.
- Looked into iCal Server interop issue reported by Graham Perrin on  
IRC. He has been kind enough to issue me a test account on his server. 
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