[Chandler-dev] Checkin 5/13/2008

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Tue May 13 11:10:26 PDT 2008

- launch plan on strategy list
- comparison of chandler to other products: onenote, basecamp/backpack
- qa session

- friday: emacs + java
- minor changes to how triage status gets initialized
- submit a patch (randy, pls review)

- posted yesterday re: changing the way rollback is done in trellis  
(PEAK list)
- if you make a change that triggers recalc
- if there is an error in recalc, it doesn't change the original  
recalc - which then means 2nd recalc is stuck in error state
- realized that would happen when looking at how to do subscription  
- now have a model of publish/subscribe of events in the trellis
-- you can just query things and have rule automatically recalc if  
stuff in your query changes (allows for subscribe-able queries)
- almost out of diversion, re-focusing on relationship manager

- testing on .15
- test session yesterday and today
- email from katie who is talking to open lazslo - wanted estimates  
for tasks

- 0.15 bugs
- bug or 2 on hub (trunk)
- test sessions
- today: more testing, hopefully no more bug fixes
- working on items from web queue - new add/remove collections stuff

- audio slideshow
- figured out technical pieces
- most of script done
- tried recording some tracks
- more of the same today
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