[Chandler-dev] Checkin 5.7.2008

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Wed May 7 11:13:21 PDT 2008

- down in PA for a meeting yesterday
- notes in contacts collection
- talking to mimi this morning about potential next actions
- meeting with mimi re: launch plan - hope to get draft out today
- blog post
- small tasks e.g. wikipedia article
- emails and followup with people we've met with re: next actions
- clean up tasks in various chandler collections

- back into Cosmo
- worked on few UI things mimi pointed out
- mailing list reading

- (Re)fix Bug 12017 (Popping up separate detail auto-selects the  
Byline text)
- Fix Bug 12062 (Weekdays should appear before Weekly)
- Attempted to hack around Bug 11917 (Month view printouts are  
garbled on Windows)
- look at remaining 0.7.6 issues today

* sheila - grant, did you see Andre's email re: VJOURNAL?
* mimi to reply with links to bugs

-spending time today to document (in the form of a wiki page)  work  
done on scheduler branch so far, with the hopes of maybe getting some  
-need to start preparing for cosmo 0.15 release now that its branched  
(testing/test session/docs/chickens/goats/etc)

- 0.15 branch + test updates
- working on getting windmill tests passing
- more of the same today

- web and desktop queue cleanup yesterday
- logged a bunch of bugs for web, punted a bunch for desktop - sent  
summaries to list
- discuss launch plan with sheila
- got detail view endorsement from andre, need to ask him for  
screenshot if he's comfy with that
- need to stop procrastinating on user stories
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