[Chandler-dev] Design Review of New Subscribe/Share/Download experience

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Tue May 6 11:51:59 PDT 2008

Hi Travis,

I think we're really close with the sidebars. The dialogs looks  
great. Just a few final tweaks to the sidebar itself ;)

For Logged-in View
1. I didn't notice yesterday, but the Collection Name has a 1 pixel  
border all around it which creates a weird optical illusion on the  
left side. Can we get rid of the top and left borders and just keep  
the 1 pixel bottom border?
2. The grey matte seems to be 1 pixel shy of filling out the sidebar  
on the right side.
3. Subscribe with... has a big margin above it. It should be 15 pixels.

For Ticket View
1. The Collection Name and Add to my account... should be left- 
aligned with the text/buttons below. It's a few pixels too far over  
to the left right now.
2. Add to my account... feels anemic below the new bigger Collection  
Name. Can we make it bold like the links in the upper right-hand?
3. Add to my account... floats a big between the Collection Name and  
the divider. Can we bring it closer to the collection name so they're  
more clearly grouped.

4. The divider is too close to Add to my account... There should be 5  
pixel bottom margin?
5. The divider also feels anemic given the heft of the stuff on  
either side of it. Can we fatten it up to 3 pixels tall and make the  
same grey as the top border of the sidebar? #CCCCCC
6. Currently, the divider appears to be 1 pixel shy of the right  
border. It should go all the way across.

7. I think Subscribe with... is too close to the divider in the  
ticket view. It should be 15 pixels.

For both Logged-in and Ticket Views
1. Can we bring the [Chandler Desktop] button about 4 pixels closer  
to the words Subscribe with...


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