[Chandler-dev] Regarding bug 11987 - Move "Month/Week/Day" View selector back to View menu

Andre Mueninghoff andre_mueninghoff at fastmail.fm
Thu May 1 09:48:57 PDT 2008

Grant Baillie wrote:
> IIRC, there was some bug with the "Triage Table" option, which was the 
> reason it moved off to the Tools menu. However, I don't exactly remember 
> what the bug was.
> --Grant
As I understand it, viewing the calendar using the triage table view 
works fine in the Dashboard however not in user collections. It may have 
changed, but I had thought when one currently selects Dashboard in the 
sidebar and then the Calendar toolbar button, that the view was the 
triage table view of event-stamped items in the Dashboard.

It would be useful, I think, to have available the triage table view for 
user collections, but that's a different bug. A workaround is to use 
Lightning or Sunbird to subscribe via CalDAV to your collections on 
Chandler Hub. Lightning and Sunbird are able to display a table/list of 
items in the collection.


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