[Chandler-dev] Checkin 6/26/2008

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Thu Jun 26 12:07:13 PDT 2008

- board mtg
- talking to mimi re: Aspiration seminar and 1.0 launch stuff

- talking to katrin today
- talked with reid (going to write up notes)
- sent thoughts on design + all-volunteer to strategy (need to read  
Jeffrey's reply more closely)
- got response to techsoup thread from community admin (going to  
draft reply and send to strategy for feedback)

- finally fixed bug i've been working on
- things appear to be working now
- couple of ie6 bugs and hopefully an rc, assuming no more bugs
- test session monday

- updating out of dat wiki docs, the more i update the more i see the  
need for complete re-organization
- being discussed on list
- travis had some good ideas
- going down list of links i sent out

- 2 fixes: bug 12158 - Make OOTB U.S. Holidays events read
- Bug 11809: Enable Share>>Publish, even for OOTB collections

- sent post out for pattern matching design
- implemented the match-predicate algorithm described in it (with  
tests, of course)
- also, finally got the WXEventLoop business taken care of
- note: we don't actually use that event loop ourselves, we use the  
Twisted one, so it was a low-priority thing
- next: working on function inlining and syntax matching for PEAK- 
Rules, to get a little closer to prototyping the python-to-SQL query  

- Caught up on reading PEAK messages (pje had written up a lot of  
stuff over the last week I wanted to understand); thought a little  
about all-volunteer future in response to hamstar's missive;
- in general got my OSAF inbox down to 3 old vobject messages (I  
don't know why I keep old vobject messages in my inbox, I should just  
declare victory and stop pretending I'm ever going to spend a  
Saturday doing more vcard 2.1 stuff for other people)
- started reading through our desktop sharing code, so I could remind  
myself of what the hell's going on for bug 12069 (items keep popping  
into NOW)
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