[Chandler-dev] Auto-update questions

Grant Baillie grant at osafoundation.org
Tue Jun 10 16:53:35 PDT 2008

Hi, all

Jeffrey raises some good questions in Bug 12097, that I'm including  
below, along with my own comments. Please pipe up if you have an  
opinion ...

> - How do we disclose that we're sending out these auto-update  
> pings?  For now,
> personally I think it'd be fine to just prompt "turn on new-version- 
> check?
> (yes, no, don't show again) at startup.

Is it OK to put up a dialog at startup (or, soon after startup)? I ask  
because we've been generally trying to reduce the number of dialogs at  
startups, of course. I'm also planning, as part of fixing the above  
bug, "remembering" (i.e. recording in backup.chex) the user's  
preference here.

> Seems like it's pretty standard to prompt the user (Never, Daily,  
> Weekly) or
> something like that.  If we're going to allow varying frequencies,  
> we might
> want to consider making the ping include ?freq=daily/weekly, so we  
> can multiple
> weekly pings by seven to harmonize our statistics...

Ah, not a bad idea ... I could add that somewhere to the request.

> - Can we include the repository UUID or hash of the UUID in the  
> ping, to even
> more clearly measure how many repositories are in use?  Does this  
> violate
> people's privacy?

I've been led to believe that so long as we can't extract any personal  
information from such a ping, it's OK. But it would be good to get  
confirmation of this.


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