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Nitin Gupta nitingupta183 at gmail.com
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Hi Group,

I have referred to the Cosmo's data model in the past. I have got following
to say on the search feature.

Since Cosmo supports import of Calendar events from other applications, in
future it may be desired that Cosmo supports searching on the basis of those
fields which are not present on the Cosmo's GUI but are present in the
imported iCalendar text. For Instance, CATEGORIES iCalendar property.

In my opinion, for this to work those search attributes which are very
likely to be used by the users can be mapped to a DB column and indexed.

This shall work for those iCalendar properties which are supported on the
GUI but are handled as iCalendar clob. For Instance, STATUS iCalendar


Nitin Gupta

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Hi Avner,

> Right now the only functionality actually accessible from the web UI
> is a basic search on the body of the items in your selected
> collection.  The code for more advanced searches exists on the server,
> but I haven't connected it to the UI yet.  There are two paths that
> I've been thinking about for how to go forward from here.  I could
> work on the internal machinery that performs the searches itself,
> adding things like auto completion or stemming (as someone suggested
> earlier).  Or I could work on an advanced search widget that would
> allow more precise and in depth searches (imagine something like the
> Google Advanced Search, image attached).  Personally I've been leaning
> towards the latter, but what do you think will be more
> desired/beneficial for users?  I'm in the process of getting a test
> server set up soon, so other people will be able to test it out soon.

I'll echo Randy that Title + Body would be a great start.

Another feature I think would be really helpful would be searching all 
of your collections, not just the current collection.  The desktop does 
this and shows the number of hits in parentheses by each collection. 
Seems like if you could update numbers for each collection 
asynchronously in the web UI it'd be pretty sweet.

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