[Chandler-dev] Portable Chandler

Brian Kirsch bkirsch at osafoundation.org
Thu Jan 24 11:21:39 PST 2008

A comment came up in a recent blog post about wanting to make  
Chandler a portable app.

I noticed that work was done in 0.7.2 to accomplish this task.

 From the 0.7.2 release notes:
Chandler-on-a-stick, a.k.a. “Portable Chandler”: Though not built  
automatically and available for download,
it is now possible to build a relocatable distribution of Chandler  
that can be stored on, and run from a removable device
such as a USB memory stick or an iPod.

Can anyone give more information on the state of "Portable Chandler"  
and what would need to be done to make
this an automated build task and included on the Downloads page.


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