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Sheila Mooney sheila at osafoundation.org
Tue Feb 12 15:54:39 PST 2008

This is a follow-up to yesterday's email describing the use cases for  
the web widgets.  Mimi and I have spent quite a bit of time talking  
about the widgets in detail and going through scenarios for how they  
might be useful for different types of users. This email attempts to  
outline our thought process and present a proposal for which widgets  
we think should be implemented first and why. This of course needs to  
be validated with the engineers but I am throwing this out for  

There are 3 types of users who will potentially use these web widgets.

+ A desktop user
	+ This is someone using the desktop on a regular basis.
	+ They will have a hub account and shared collections.
	+ They might be collaborating with others or simply sharing with  
themselves or both.
+ A casual collaborator
	+ Someone probably using the web UI.
	+ They have a hub account.
	+ They have received ticket URLs and have subscribed to collections.
	+ In reality a casual collaborator could also be an occasional  
desktop user although we have not traditionally described it as such.
	+ For the purposes of this exercise, the main distinction is that the  
casual collaborator has invested some time doing something with the app.
+ A non Chandler user
	+ Someone not very or not at all familiar with the project - there is  
a range here.
	+ They may have received a sharing URL before but they have not  
signed up for an account.
	+ From the perspective of the web widgets, they have not used any of  
the web widgets before which is why they are described as a non- 
Chandler user.
	+ The important take-away is that they have invested very little time  
using the application.

One thing to note is that there is some varying degree of  
collaboration for both the desktop and casual collaborators. Some  
people might be engaging in high-bandwidth collaboration and others  
less so. Also, as mentioned above, many desktop users share with  
themselves so in this context would be using the web widgets to view  
and modify "their stuff". For now, we don't think it's necessary to  
examine how the widgets may differ in their usefulness based what type  
of sharing people are doing.

We did a first pass at grouping what widgets are useful to each group  
of people.

Useful to the desktop user
	+ Quick entry widget
	+ Notifications SMS etc
	+ Multiple calendars + week view + overlays
	+ Single collection Dashboard list + Preview detail view (phase 1) +  
Editable detail view (phase 2)
	+ Search box
	+ Bookmarklet
	+ Mini-cal + Preview pane
	+ Editable detail view

Useful to the casual collaborator
	+ Quick entry widget
	+ Notifications SMS etc
	+ Single collection Dashboard list + Preview detail view (phase 1) +  
Editable detail view (phase 2)
	+ Search box
	+ Bookmarklet
	+ Mini-cal + Preview pane
	+ Editable detail view

Useful to the non-Chandler user
	+ Editable detail view

Based on this list above, there isn't very much in the non-Chandler  
bucket since only the editable detail view is accessible via a ticket.  
All other widgets require you to at least sign up for an account and  
probably have at a minimum subscribed to a couple of shares. It's  
important that our strategy helps those that are already using  
Chandler (desktop user and casual collaborator) but it's equally  
important that it reaches out to people who don't know anything about  
the app (or very little) giving them a hook or a reason to check it  
out further. Current desktop users and casual collaborators to some  
extent will have already invested time signing up for accounts,  
entering data, sharing collections. This varies in degrees of course.  
They have enough familiarity that something has prompted them to  
download, try out, subscribe to a share or use it day to day. The non- 
Chandler users might receive a simple link to a shared editable event  
and think "this is cool, tell me more". These users have the potential  
of becoming full time desktop or casual collaborators in the future.

By generating a URL for an editable detail view, the desktop users can  
broaden the scope of people they can touch. We wanted to examine if  
there are other widgets we can make accessible to these users as well.


+ Get the quick item entry widget working first. This is very useful  
for the desktop user and high-bandwidth collaborator. It can be put in  
lots of places - Mimi will talk more about this.
+ The second priority would be the email notifications. Dashboard  
users and sharees receive an email summarizing the changes that have  
been made to a particular collection. This reaches out to support  
mobile devices and enhances the experience for regular users.
+ Implement the editable detail view. This is a great hook where the  
desktop users can reach out to others.
+ Implement the simple list view in a way they can be viewed by non  
Chandler users as well as Chandler users. It would be really useful to  
share a list with others they can edit anonymously in the same way a  
detail view is.
+ Implement the mini cal and preview pane so they can be viewed by non  
Chandler users as well as Chandler users.

The goal of this proposal is to support the people who have already  
bought into Chandler and improve the ability to reach out to more who  
don't have a clue but might find over time that they are targets for  
our other core features.

Comments, questions, suggestions welcome.


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