[chandler-dev] Fwd: syncml Re: Chandler and PDA/Mobile/Smartphone

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at osafoundation.org
Mon Dec 22 14:45:40 PST 2008


>> adding to my thoughts below, I did some more googling and came across
>> SyncML, a standard used by Nokia and many other devices, including
>> IPhone (using third party tool)
>> Looking for an open source framework that could be used to add SyncML
>> support to Chandler I came across OpenSync (successor of Multisync)
>> http://www.opensync.org/
>> The next question would be: How much work is it to add SyncML support
>> to Chandler ?
>> There is already a reply from 2003, which says its quick for a first
>> running demo.
>> http://chandlerproject.org/Projects/SyncML
>> Is there anybody on the list, which has enough Chandler Code knowledge
>> to team up doing the project of a very simple chandler to todo syncML
>> service? I am a newy to Phyton, Chandler Code and SyncML - so the best
>> I could do is understand, provide code after guidance and motivate ;)

What I've heard from people who've worked on SyncML (well reflected in
the Wikipedia page) is that the standard had such a shortage of
specificity that almost no vendor's SyncML implementation will talk to
any other vendor's.

That may have changed. Funambol keeps releasing versions, presumably
there's been some improvement there.

If SyncML interop issues are still around, one of the tricky things
about making mobile sync work is testers and bug fixers need a device to
test with.  Unless there's a big installed base of Chandler + specific
device users, finding and fixing bugs will be pretty slow.

With that said, it'd be great to look at a particular device/SyncML
server combination and see what Python APIs are available and test
syncing with really simple notes and tasks.

So, I'd recommend installing one of the open source SyncML servers and
seeing if you can get it talking to your mobile device using Python
APIs.  If you can write up a tutorial of getting that much working,
getting something into Chandler shouldn't be too hard.


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