[chandler-dev] New here, failing to change mainblocks.py

Edwin Woudt edwin-chandler at woudt.nl
Sun Dec 14 20:23:07 PST 2008


I'm new here, and playing around a bit with the source code.

I managed to get a working environment on my machine, and make a few 
changes so I could see the effect. This works fine, except for a change 
I made to parcels/osaf/views/main/mainblocks.py. Even the most simple 
change (changing the icon of a toolbar button) does not work.

Python is a new language to me, so please forgive me if this is a simple 
problem. However I did notice that after running Chandler there is no 
mainblocks.pyo file in the directory, while for all other .py file there 
is a corresponding .pyo file. Could that be the problem?

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?

BTW: I am using the latest svn version, and am running on Vista.


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