[chandler-dev] chandler2 and vobject

Jos Yule lists at theorganization.net
Mon Dec 8 06:27:58 PST 2008

I just did a quick re-read of the vobject python lib and a look at the 
vCal and vCard specs.

It seems that most, if not all, the typical PIM items would fit into a 

My only "worry" is that it may be too restrictive to allow for 
un-thought of expansions. I almost hate to bring this up, as i'd rather 
see something done, which works now, then spiral into a complex 
discussion about could-have-beens. However, lets say, taking an example 
from an early Chandler 0.x plugin, you wanted to include photos in your 
Chandler collection - is this still going to be possible with the 2.x 
branch? How would using vobject as the "native" type for Chandler 
objects affect this kind of addition?

I really like the simplicity of using vobject - its a great library, and 
makes for simple sharing with other vCal/vCard subscribers/publishers.

I guess that's not really an answer in there, just more questions! Sorry!


Jos Yule
Digital Hyakugei

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