[Chandler-dev] Simplifying the menus: Bug 12318

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Fri Aug 29 15:51:06 PDT 2008

Does this look right?

Jeffrey is currently working on simplying the menus.


What he has done:

1. Rename the Tools --> Debug
2. Move the Plug-ins menu into the Debug menu
3. In the Debug menu, remove features that are currently unsupported  
(meaning untested with known bugs we don't have immediate plans for  
fixing). We get a steady trickle of user support questions for these  
features ranging from confusion to crashes. In their current form,  
they don't meet the bar for 1.0 feature and we should remove them  
until we are ready to fully support them.

- Start Webserver (there is keyboard shortcut, so it will still be  
accessible if needed).
- Save and Restore
- Select View
- Show
- Save Search Results
- Scripting

So the new Debug  menu will look like:

- Logging
- Repository
- Sharing
- Automatically Reload from Backup
- Check for Test Updates
- Plug-ins
- Certificates

There are also a few minor terminology and capitalization fixes:
- Debug>>Sharing>>Add Sharing Activity Log to Sidebar (currently it  
is Add sharing activity log to sidebar)
- Debug>>Check for Test Updates (currently it is Check For Test Updates
- Debug>>Automatically Reload from Backup (currently it is  
Automatically Restore from Backup)
- Debug>>Automatically Reload from Backup>>Next Reload (currently it  
is Next Restore)
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