[Chandler-dev] Checkin 8/27/2008

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Wed Aug 27 11:46:32 PDT 2008

- Review of Grant's re-architecture proposal
- Working on interaction model design
- Waiting for further input on priorities going forward

- Got things working pretty much the way I want in iPhone yesterday  
(modulo confusion about how to get NXML to output CDATA, I thought it  
was working but it's not
- Fixed various corner cases
- Tried getting it onto my phone, didn't succeed yesterday, trying  
more today
- Various minor email things

* mimi - once you get app on phone jeffrey, do an early release to  
get users to help test?
- jeffrey - definitely

- Haven't set up persisting settings, should fix that before shipping  
community release
* mimi - that's ok for testers I think
* jeffrey - OK, then I'll focus mostly on getting it to actually run  
on phone and sending to apple for approval

* mimi - What's the status on 1.01 release bugs?
- Jeffrey / Grant will each spend 1 day this week on 1.01 bugs
-- rename test-->debug
-- move plugins to test menu
-- email timeout / dialog fixes
-- wxMac crash patches from Stefan

*grant to create a milestone for 1.01

* Jeffrey - what did we decide to do with plugins menu?
* Mimi - Move it to the bottom of Debug (Test) in its own section
- Should we remove the other plugins?
- Jeffrey - Investigate why plugins menu doesn't work at all on Mac?

* Grant is going to investigate Mac issue for an hour and give up if  
it's not straightforward.
* We are hiding all the plugins except for Debug and Hello World

- Yea!  Got ISC update; we're good to proceed.
- So proceeding with those bits finally; Grant, going to shut off  
cosmo test box.
- Another round of OS security updates.
- Failed to track down Hub-not-loading bug.
- SVN move, email move, etc are back on.
- one new step is for me to pull all the reports into a folder so  
i've got 'em all in one place for contact/coordination.
- couple more kei-extraction things came up, so going to deal with  

* mimi - Jared, would it be worth sending update to users list on the  
"Hub not loading..." problem?
* Jared - at this point, best next step i can determine is to 1) see  
if i can ask a user to change their localization to english to see if  
that helps. 2) ask to take over one of their accounts, to log in  
myself to try to repro.
-- no repro steps => no viable way to debug or proceed.

- sorting out Cosmo work q for randy - updated webworkq page on wiki
- sent email to cosmo-dev list
- user-hacks rollup blog post ready to go
- bunch of users list / dev list emails
- keeping track of ideas or user advisory group

- Successfully built a working chandler on my windows machine, using  
1.0 branch, the latest NSIS, and setuptools trunk. (It turns out the  
problem I saw yesterday, where chandlerdb complains about stuff  
missing from the 'packs' directory, is due to my not building the  
project out of a svn checkout).
- Followed up on list emails.
- Today: 1.01, meet w Sheila/Mimi re: rearchitecture work

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