[Chandler-dev] Check-in 8/19/2008

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Tue Aug 19 11:44:32 PDT 2008

- board-related work
- meetings and phone calls
- change our bylaws wrt board - need to follow up with lawyer
- pls respond to thread re: 1.0 build on strategy list
- IMAP issue, when do we fix it by?

* mimi - need to clarify how quickly we should respond to 1.0 issues

- more board-related meetings today
- started discussion re: user advisory group on strategy (writing up  
-- spurred more thoughts on projects for user advisory group in the  
next 3 months
-- set up web forum
-- set up troubleshooting page
-- set up "feature gallery" some way for users to vote for features  
and bugs (basically user surveys)
- as well as more thoughts on post 1.0 build / release cycle
- received invitation to speak at Non-profit Software Dev event, any  
objections to going?

* Mimi - ideas for stuff Randy should work on? email gateway, etc?
- Randy write up blog post re: data in/out stuff that server supports
* Jared - add your ideas in?

- today: did a lot of catching up on users list

- need to fix osaf website

- responding to users list issues
- making good progress on re-arch roadmap stuff now

- hub backup broke
- interim fix in place that let's hub continue with backup
- ignore the root issue for now

- last night, hub lost a disk
-- need to investigate and repair
- wiki lock-out issue

- trying to talk to ISC - swapping machines, etc
-- not getting a response, might need to find another contact

* sheila - what's our contigency plan?
* jared - we can stay in co-lo for now

* jared - re: 1.0 desktop build
- would like to prioritize shutting down tinderbox for builds
- need to figure out a way to produce builds first
- grant volunteered to host build machine

* next action - Jared develop a plan for shut-off with Grant and others

- board-related mtg yesterday
- very ugly iPhone UI things happening
- blocked on using interface builder - chat with Grant a bit

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