[Chandler-dev] Building Chander 1.0 on Ubuntu Hardy AMD64

Grant Baillie grant at osafoundation.org
Fri Aug 15 10:15:39 PDT 2008

Hi, Paul

I believe that to build for 64 bit, you would have to build (or maybe  
download from openjdk.java.net somewhere) an openjdk-7. I'm pretty  
sure there are bugs in openjdk-6 that will cause Chandler to crash, so  
we're sort of stuck with the newer version.

In general, I would love to have the ability to build Chandler's  
dependencies as .deb or .rpm packages, possibly via a build service. A  
while back, when OSAF had a large paid developer staff, we looked into  
doing this, c.f.:


(I think that page was written before we had an openjdk dependency, so  
that should be added).

I'd love to hear from people who have Linux build/packaging knowledge  
and want to help make this happen. I have some experience working with  
dpkg for creating our Gutsy .deb, but I'm unsure how to handle cases  
where we're using more recent or patched versions of the packaged  
version of various projects (like openjdk, wxPython, for example).


On 14 Aug, 2008, at 13:00, Paul Dorman wrote:

> Hi all,
> having a go at building chandler for my up-to-date Ubuntu laptop (as  
> opposed to Feisty or Gutsy). Doing this of course because though the  
> project has gotten to a 1.0 release, there doesn't appear to have  
> been much regard for the diversity of user OS's out there. I'm not  
> shy and will have a go at building, but just imagine how many more  
> users you'd have if you just put some effort into making binaries  
> for current Linux distros!
> Anyhoo, I checked out 1.0 from subversion and have been running the  
> build successfully so far. I'm using the "make world" command to  
> build. For some reason the build script wants to download http://builds.osafoundation.org/external/linux/x86_64/openjdk-7-ea-j2re-b21-3.tar.gz 
> , which naturally doesn't exist.
> What's the workaround for this? I already have openjdk-6-jdk on my  
> system, and as openjdk-7 is not final I'm curious as to the  
> dependency for a stable Chandler release.
> Thanks in advance. When I get Chander 1.0 working on my system I'll  
> be sure to report back on my experience (I could even provide a .deb  
> for you if it would be useful).
> Paul (really looking forward to GTD with Chandler!)

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