[Chandler-dev] Checkin 8/13/2008

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Wed Aug 13 12:30:30 PDT 2008

- mostly meetings
- starting to think about decisions, priorities post 1.0 and listing  
out issues to discuss
- met with Hao and Peter at 543 Howard on Thursdays
- keeping up with 1.0, user questions, blog posts, stats, etc

- couple of hub account deletions
- looking at wiki ban right now
- chandlproject.org restart this morning
- no explanation available or pending - mystery
- sign up for public monitoring on the todo, not implement our own  
but monitor the homepage for one of the free services
- additional email out to isc yesterday
- phone tomorrow/friday
- need to read grant's post-tbox messages - seems highish priority

- move internal wiki
- found some more stuff, going to move again

* sheila - jared, we should talk more about phone/conference service,  

- reinstalling XP machine to figure out current requirements for  
building for windows
- looked a little at OpenSuse/Ubuntu build services
- reading up on trellis and rearch as before
- couple of users/dev list emails

* sheila - goal for a draft of arch plan?
* grant - for technical goals/plan i'll need to meet w pje first

- fixed a bunch of problems with qe widget, but apparently not all -  
finished that up this working
- working on iPhone app

- aside from recent activity summarized on strat list
- another blog post re: user story
- going to pull together a blog rollup of user hacks
- thinking through productizing re-arch / chandler lite options
-- trying to come up with a list of end-user features we can shuffle  
around into various configurations for mini-releases

- am worried about IMAP issues - appears to be popular feature and  
blocker for people when they can't get it working
-- am unable to get IMAP working with my personal IMAP account (not  
osaf), so thinking maybe Alex's "Outlook" problem isn't really  
Outlook problem

- meeting with Grant tomorrow afternoon 1PM PDT
- now that the BytecodeAssembler stuff is done, adding listcomp/ 
genexp support to PEAK-Rules
- I debated over it would be better to base the SQL conversion off of  
pre-built AST vs. doing some of it in the builder
- And I think it will be better to do it over a pre-built structure,  
because then it should be easier to integrate nested expressions  
e.g.  [(x.foo, sum(y.bar for y in x.baz)) for x in Z]
- That should be a SELECT ...  GROUP BY in SQL, rather than two  
separate queries.
- I'm going to just implement the AST building in PEAK-Rules so that  
it builds the appropriate nested ListComp(For(...)) structure
- And then pattern matching rules can be used to "lift" the inner  
queries out.
- Also, it might be a bit easier to test things that way, and it'll  
certainly be a reasonable incremental step to get things moving.

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