[Chandler-dev] Checkin 8/4/2008

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Mon Aug 4 11:10:43 PDT 2008

- sprint today
- board mtg tomorrow
- post 1.0 on wed

- I'm about halfway through doc and tests for the new node types: If,  
YieldStmt, ListComp, and LCAppend are done
- now I'm doing tests for all the stuff needed to support the Closure  
node type (for doing generator expressions)
- Hoping to release the results today.

- set up cafepress store - sent questions to strategy list if people  
could take a look and chime in
- more emails sent
- more user story blog posts up
- also had brain flash of how to do a quick 2.5 min screencasty  
slideshow tour for 1.0 so bustin' move to get that done in next  
couple of days
- and-pls give feedback on 1.0 release announcement

- worked on windows repo-wont load bug
- figure out it was typo in auto-restore code
- which happens to not be a problem on anything but Windows, probably  
b/c implementation details of locks differ by platform
- grant reviewed and I committed fix
- looked into recurrence bug which Grant has patch fixing half  
(traceback half)
- today: web UI DV blog post
- sprint

- Catching up on email
- Tracking down windows auto-reload failure with Jeffrey
- Tracking down bug 12276 - recurrence from QE bug
- Testing path now
- About to roll an rc2
- Sprint

- working on userland account deletion mostly
- hoping to finish that up today, heading over to sprint around 1/1:30
- also want to get to blog post

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