[Chandler-dev] Re: make distrib vs install

Heikki Toivonen heikki at osafoundation.org
Tue Oct 30 15:56:35 PDT 2007

D John Anderson wrote:
> 1) rt.py (or something it uses) doesn't set up sys.path correctly for
> localization to work.

What makes you say that?

> 2) The fact that running Python after a "make install" results in a
> sys.path that doesn't work for localization and running after a "make
> distrib" results in a different, but correct sys.path for localization.
> Running Python after a "make install" or "make distrib" should not
> affect Python's sys.path for localization, right?

This is currently the case only on recorded_scripts branch. This work on
the trunk, because the launchers have been fixed to set the path
correctly. This is why I am saying that if you upgrade your branch you
will have no problems.

There should be no difference between make distrib and make install, of
course. That is what the bug I filed will find out. But since the
launcher path bug has been fixed this is not a blocker.

> Committing the fix for bug 1 will mask bug 2, on the tinderboxes but
> this doesn't mean that bug 2 is fixed. For example, running from Wing
> after a make install will still result in the incorrect localization,
> which makes it important to get fixed.

I don't see how that would be the case. I repeat: the launchers have
been fixed; the paths are correct. Update your Wing environment to match
the environment that gets set by the new launchers.

  Heikki Toivonen

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