[Chandler-dev] Functional Test failure on Leopard

Dan Steinicke dan at osafoundation.org
Tue Oct 30 08:52:14 PDT 2007

This is a recorded script test as indicated by "recorded_scripts" in the 
path.  John has been making significant changes to recorded scripts in 
the recorded_scripts branch.  At this point I think it is much more 
important what the recorded scripts in the branch do when run on 
Leopard, rather than what the recorded scripts in the trunk do.  

In my opinion resolving issues with recorded scripts on Leopard will 
need to wait until the recorded scripts branch merges with the Leopard 

I also don't see how QA can support Leopard (Intel) and Leopard (PPC) 
while maintaining support for Tiger(Intel) and Tiger(PPC) and not 
getting any new hardware.


Robin Dunn wrote:
> As I was working on the new wx merge I discovered a possible problem 
> on Leopard.  The recTestAllDay test was failing for me on Leopard, but 
> an identical build did fine on my Tiger box and the full functional 
> tests passed there.  Here is the traceback in the log file:
> 2007-10-29 22:28:47,012 recorded_test_framework ERROR: Test 
> "recTestAllDay" has failed due
>  to traceback
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File 
> "/home/work/projects/osaf/chandler/tools/cats/framework/run_recorded.py", 
> line 96,
> in run_test_by_name
>   File 
> "/projects/osaf/chandler/tools/cats/recorded_scripts/recTestAllDay.py", 
> line 30, in
>  run
>     ProcessEvent (wx.MouseEvent, {'associatedBlock':'ApplicationBar', 
> 'eventType':wx.EVT_L
> EFT_DOWN, 'sentTo':'ApplicationBar', 'newFocusWindow':-219, 
> 'newFocusWindowClass':wx.Windo
> w, 'lastWidgetValue':u'testAllDay'}, {'m_leftDown':True, 'm_x':290, 
> 'm_y':17})
>   File 
> "/home/work/projects/osaf/chandler/parcels/osaf/framework/script_recording/script_l 
> ib.py", line 163, in ProcessEvent
> AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'GetParent'

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