[Chandler-dev] Branch tinderbox setup for recorded scripts

bear bear at code-bear.com
Mon Oct 22 14:52:37 PDT 2007

Heikki Toivonen wrote:
> D John Anderson wrote:
>> I only see rs-iosx and rs-win, shouldn't there also be a linux somewhere?
> I did see one last week, maybe the linux one has stalled.
>> If I remember correctly this assert comes from wxWidgets complaining
>> that there isn't a display attached to the machine running the tests. I
>> don't understand why this failure doesn't happen in our other tinderboxes.
> Hmm, now this could be problematic. I think we are running these branch
> boxes on the same machines that we run the main tboxes. The tests might
> not work so great if two (or more) chandler's were running at the same
> time doing synthetic mouse clicks and whatnot. Would need to be tested.
> The display problem might be that they were not made to run in a display
> environment, you'd need to check with bear.

It's only an issue on linux - that's why I had to turn off the branch 
tbox on mana.

>> Finally I see a checkin for rae. I'm pretty sure that checkin isn't in
>> the recorded_scripts branch.
> That may be a bug/feature in tbox.

it's a "feature" that I am trying to fix - tbox will show changes made 
to any chandler/branches/ child directory.

>> P.S. Oh, one last thing I always forget to mention: I don't get email
>> notifications when I commit to the wx repository.
> I don't think there is a commits list set for it, at least it is not
> listed on http://chandlerproject.org/mailinglists

Currently there is none.  I can either create one or just enable the 
notification for specific people.

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