[Chandler-dev] conflict dialog strings

Reid Ellis rae at osafoundation.org
Mon Oct 22 13:34:20 PDT 2007

Brian mentioned at the i18n meeting that translators were having  
trouble with the conflict dialog's strings. Specifically, the ones  
that look like this:
	%(index)3d. %(em)s%(person)s%(/em)s changed the %(em)s%(fieldName)s% 
(/em)s to %(em)s%(value)s%(/em)s

This is for displaying a list of conflicts, with parts of the text  
being emphasized (thus the names "em" and "/em"). I can certainly  
change "index" to "conflictNumber". The "em" and "/em" strings are  
harder. I am guessing the localizers are not HTML folk. :-)

Maybe I could change 'em' and '/em' to "startItalics" and  
"endItalics". The actual value for the strings currently known as  
"em" and "/em" cannot be edited (they aren't surrounded by _() - nor  
should they be). I have to embed these into the string, since the  
location of the emphasized text can move, depending on the locale.  
Perhaps I could use the names "untranslateableStartItalicsCode" and  


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