[Chandler-dev] Proposals for new Tinderboxes

Heikki Toivonen heikki at osafoundation.org
Mon Oct 22 12:05:34 PDT 2007

Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon has been released, and Leoapard is just around the
corner. I have been thinking about what we'd need to do with them to
provide full support in the Tinderbox setup.

I'd really like to avoid adding four or more new machines (gutsy
full+quick, leopard full+quick, possible perf boxes). I am proposing
that we instead add only two: gutsy-full-linux and leopard-full-iosx.
These machines would do full builds with all the normal tests that full
builds do, and additionally do functional tests.

I believe the full builds would be pretty fast, since both of these
systems will be able to use several system packages, including system

I also think we must do full builds rather than just make install
because of different system libraries we are currently depending on.

There is one major problem with this approach, due to the way our build
is set up where chandler/ can be out of sync with external/ and
internal/. We could either decide to live with the hopefully relatively
short breakages on these two Tboxes when external/ and internal/ change,
or do something about fixing this.

Additionally, I am proposing that we switch mana-linux (a quick build)
to produce only tarball releases, and the new gutsy to produce only .deb

  Heikki Toivonen

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