[Chandler-dev] PyLucene

Heikki Toivonen heikki at osafoundation.org
Fri Oct 12 13:18:09 PDT 2007

Philippe Bossut wrote:
> Considering all the requirements put on the alternative (and I agree
> with all of them), I think unlikely to replace PyLucene with anything.

I don't know. There are the C and Python ports of Lucene. I am assuming
integrating the Python port would be easy. The C port would require
wrapping it in a Python interface. In either case I believe development
effort would be 1-2 weeks tops.

I don't know about the performance of those, but I am guessing the C
version at least would have great perf.

I don't know about their resource usage.

Both of those would almost certainly have smaller download footprint
than PyLucene + openjdk.

I don't expect build hardships either, although that is of course a

Don't know about stability.

And given that if we only needed indexing and simple word search now, we
could probably find even something simpler.

> Also, though you mention using /lucene in the quick entry, the fact that
> Chandler supports the Lucene syntax when doing search is a great
> Chandler feature IMO.

How many of our users know about that feature? How many actually use it?
Those that use it, what is the most complicated thing that they use it for?

> Add to that that we barely scratch the surface of PyLucene because we
> don't have features like tagging/labelling to make sense of things like
> automatic sorting. When Xun made his MVA plugin during the 2006 summer
> of code, he used PyLucene a lot
> (http://chandlerproject.org/Journal/InternProjectMVA). Cutting it will
> make the development of such advance features really difficult.

Right, but do you see us integrating something like that into Chandler
any time soon? Do you see some 3rd party developer writing and
maintaining a plugin like that any time soon?

If we could take out PyLucene, the download sizes could potentially
shrink around 50% (at least on Windows and Linux). We'd also be able to
avoid a hard packaging issue on Linux.

  Heikki Toivonen

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