[Chandler-dev] Desktop Processes wiki page and dev branch tracking issue

Aparna Kadakia aparna at osafoundation.org
Thu Oct 11 21:31:42 PDT 2007

On Oct 11, 2007, at 6:48 PM, Reid Ellis wrote:

> On Oct-11-2007, at 19:14 , Bryan Stearns wrote:
>> We talked about this offline a little: I think it's definitely  
>> right to not mark bugs fixed until they land in the trunk -  
>> otherwise, it'll be tough for testers to figure out what to verify.
> Isn't this why Bear is working on a means to create releases based  
> on branches? -- so that the branch changes can be tested by anyone  
> who wants to; users or QA folk.

In one of cases that may be ok, but routinely QA won't be downloading  
branch builds for verification. We will be doing majority of the  
testing on the trunk/release builds.

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