[Chandler-dev] Release number and date on chandlerproject.org

Heikki Toivonen heikki at osafoundation.org
Wed Oct 10 22:24:51 PDT 2007

Today, after we released Chandler Desktop 0.7.1, I realized we have a
problem on the http://chandlerproject.org home page.

I suggested a format of release announcement which included only a link
to the home page, since I like the way how just about everything is just
one or two mouse click away from there. The alternative would have been
to include an actual download page link for the desktop.

Anyway, the announcements went out, and now people come to the homepage.
They'll see the release countdown at the top, which said *.7*, *Sep 10,
2007*. I asked Bear to change that to *.7.1* and *Oct 10, 2007*, but
there is still a problem.

The problem is that the countdown can represent only one product, but
Cosmo and Chandler have already diverged in release numbers, and the
numbering difference is likely to get bigger since Cosmo releases faster.

I *do* think it is important to change the homepage every time there is
a release, because rarely changing page is a signal of a stagnant
project to the casual observer (and search engine). It would also be
frustrating needing to click the download link just to see if there is a
new version available - it should be visible at a glance on the homepage
in my opinion.


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  Heikki Toivonen

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