[Chandler-dev] 0.7.1 BRANCHING TONIGHT!

Philippe Bossut pbossut at osafoundation.org
Wed Oct 3 12:21:36 PDT 2007

Hi guys,

Sorry for "shouting" in the title but I need your attention: we had a 
Bug Council this morning on IRC and talked about the "scheduled release" 
some more. Question: when do we start? Answer: Now!

The other alternative was in some weeks from now but we voted against 
it. There was several reasons for it among them:
- let's get in new good habits now
- let's work out the kinks of the process while we're under no "urgent" 
- it's easier for QA to qualify something that has a couple of weeks of 
bug fixes than 8 weeks (if we were to wait till the end of October)
- let's have a clean 0.7.1 before landing some of the upcoming dev 
branches (we have 3 in the work right now: script recording (John), 
month view (Jeffrey) and jcc (Andi)).

Here is what will happen:
- tonight, 8PM PDT: bear will branch trunk to create an 0.7.1 branch. 
So, you have till tonight to land your current fixes which should 
concern a dozen or so bugs with patches attached in Bugzilla. Please, do 
not commit some big/risky stuff right now obviously. If you're in doubt 
about the riskiness of your fix, err on the side of caution and wait 
till tomorrow. Your fix will make it in 0.7.2
- tonight or tomorrow early: I'll retarget all non fixed 0.7.1 bugs to 
0.7.future and migrate a fair amount of them to 0.7.2. I still need to 
send an email about that process but, essentially the idea is to lower 
the current bug count so that we all know what we're working on while 
parking "soon" bugs in 0.7.future rather than the catch all "future". 
Cosmo used a similar strategy when their 0.7.1 list was too big to 
manage in 1 cyle (which is our case right now)
- tomorrow: bear will build 0.7.1 and QA will start acceptance tests. 
The trunk will be reopen for 0.7.2 fixes
- October 10th is the official release date for 0.7.1 (the time we need 
to qualify the build and, may be, fix some blockers)
- November 7th will the release date for 0.7.2 so pick up date (date of 
last commit) for 0.7.2 will be October 31st

OK, I'm working on this "process email" summarizing what we discussed 
last week (see notes 
so the process shouldn't surprise anyone, just the timing.

Concerns? Please speak up.

- Philippe

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