[Chandler-dev] Adding Gutsy and Leopard to test cycles

Aparna Kadakia aparna at osafoundation.org
Mon Nov 19 10:41:51 PST 2007

In general, we are in agreement here. Based on my proposal below we  
will continue to test on 2 platforms(rotating every week) for the  
Checkpoint testing and for Release testing continue to test on 3  
platforms ( WinXP, 1 Mac platform and 1 Linux). Instead of depending  
on volunteers for the other 2 platforms, we can simply cover them in  
the next release cycle.

Based on that, can we say these are our primary platforms to test on:
1. Win XP
2. Mac : Leopard, Tiger(Intel Mac)
3. Linux : Gutsy, Dapper

We can alternate between Gutsy/ Dapper  and Leopard/Tiger in  
alternate release cycles. Drop Panther from the list.

Does that sound reasonable to everyone?

On Nov 16, 2007, at 5:49 PM, Katie Capps Parlante wrote:

> I was going to bring up the same point -- it doesn't seem like an  
> optimal use of our limited resources to be qualifying all of these  
> platforms every month.
> Suggestions:
> - Drop "official" support of OSX PPC Panther entirely (we can take  
> bugs/patches as we do for older versions of windows and other linux  
> distros, but basically stop qualifying this one)
> - Only qualify XP, one mac platform, and one unix distro for every  
> monthly cycle (I'm not sure which one to pick though!). Qualify the  
> others every 2nd or third release, or every "major" release.
> I'm open to other plans for staggering, but generally agree with  
> Andre that we should be looking seriously at reducing the load here.
> Cheers,
> Katie
> Andre Mueninghoff wrote:
>> Hi Aparna,
>> That's a lot of platforms.
>> The question that occurs to me, with no ill will intended towards the
>> community of users of any particular platform, is it truly critically
>> necessary that every release (prior to 1.0 anyway) be certified and
>> published for every supported platform every time? Are there perhaps
>> strategic, tactical, technical, pragmatic, opportunistic (or what  
>> have
>> you) reasons why a staggered support of platforms might be beneficial
>> for all in the end? For example, might it be that some new trial user
>> work-flows might be able to be made available to users for  
>> feedback more
>> rapidly if only certain platforms are initially targeted, presuming
>> there would be a net benefit of more and earlier feedback?
>> Andre
>> On Fri, 16 Nov 2007 17:12:18 -0800, "Aparna Kadakia"
>> <aparna at osafoundation.org> said:
>>> Yesterday at the Desktop Engineering Meeting we discussed about
>>> adding Gutsy and Leopard to the list of officially supported
>>> platforms for Chandler Desktop. This would make the list of  
>>> supported
>>> platforms to be :
>>> 1. Windows XP
>>> 2. OSX PPC Panther (10.3)
>>> 3. OSX PPC Tiger (10.4)
>>> 4. OSX Intel Tiger (10.4)
>>> 5. OSX Intel Leopard (10.5)
>>> 6. Linux Ubuntu Dapper (6.06)
>>> 7. Linux Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10) ( and we know we will have to  
>>> eventually
>>>    support Vista)
>>> Now that we have tinderboxes running on Gutsy and Leopard, the
>>> imminent question is should QA upgrade their machines to Gutsy/
>>> Leopard? Well, clearly we can't all upgrade to Leopard and Gutsy  
>>> since
>>> we continue to support Dapper and Tiger. This is turning out to be a
>>> formidable task, certifying every release on all supported  
>>> platforms.
>>> Now with 2 new additions to the list, we need to figure out how best
>>> to get testing coverage on these platforms with the limited  
>>> resources
>>> we have within the team.
>>> Currently the QA process for checkpoint and release testing is as
>>> follows:
>>> 1. QA mostly focuses their testing on 3 platforms  : WinXP, OSX  
>>> Intel
>>>    Mac Tiger and Ubuntu Dapper. We have been resorting to minimal
>>>    testing on Panther and OSX PPC Tiger.
>>> 2. For weekly checkpoint testing, we pick 2 platforms from the list
>>>    and rotate the platforms every week for checkpoint testing.
>>> 3. For release testing, we run acceptance tests on the 3 main
>>>    platforms and sanity test on the others with help from some  
>>> non-QA
>>>    folks. (For .e.g Philippe helps test on OSX PPC Tiger, etc)
>>> In light of the new additions, we propose the following changes: .
>>> Continue minimal testing on Panther and OSX PPC Tiger.
>>> 1. QA team will upgrade their personal laptops to Leopard so Leopard
>>>    testing will be covered on their personal machines. Intel Mac  
>>> Tiger
>>>    testing will be confined to one of the QA box in the lab  
>>> (currently
>>>    running Chandler tbox)
>>> 2. Dan will add Ubuntu Gutsy as another VM on his machine so he can
>>>    occasionally test on Gutsy for checkpoint/release testing
>>> 3. Dapper testing will continue to happen on the alternate QA laptop
>>>    (IBM thinkpad)
>>> 4. For weekly checkpoint testing, we will continue to pick 2  
>>> platforms
>>>    from the new set of 5 (i.e. leaving out Panther and OSX PPC  
>>> Tiger)
>>>    and rotate platforms each week
>>> 5. For release testing QA will continue testing on 3 platforms from
>>>    the set of 5 and rely on volunteers within the rest of the OSAF
>>>    team to help test on the other 2 platforms.  What those 2  
>>> platforms
>>>    are can be determined during testing cycle depending on who's
>>>    volunteering and what platform do they have access to.
>>> I am open to other ideas/suggestions you may have. Let me know.
>>> Thanks Aparna
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