[Chandler-dev] Automatic migration landed in r15715

Heikki Toivonen heikki at osafoundation.org
Wed Nov 7 14:26:17 PST 2007

I landed the automatic migration discussed in thread

This is bug https://bugzilla.osafoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11139

This changed the default profile directory by taking out the version
number. I updated the wiki page that explains where to find profile.

Now on shutdown Chandler will ask if the user would like to create
backup.chex. On startup, Chandler will first try to open the repository,
but in case of version errors will try to fall back to reloading from
backup.chex. In all migration cases the user will be presented with a
dialog which also has the old manual migration option.

It turned out to be a bigger change (codewise) than I expected, and is
in a very critical code path, so if you notice any issues feel free to
ping me or file bugs.

I should also point out that there is still more we can do to automate
migration, this being just one step along the way.

  Heikki Toivonen

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