[Chandler-dev] Test case specifications on wiki for review/ comment

Aparna Kadakia aparna at osafoundation.org
Tue Jan 30 13:52:34 PST 2007

Philippe, thank you for your feedback. See my comments inline for the  
Email test spec.

On Jan 29, 2007, at 10:03 PM, Philippe Bossut wrote:

> Thanks Dan for writing these. Very good.
> Details on each test plan here under.
>> Email Test Spec
>> http://svn.osafoundation.org/docs/trunk/testspecs/rel0_7/Email-0.7- 
>> testspec.html
> TC0005: What are the "Forward fields" mentioned in the tests?

It means
1. Fwd: is prepended to the Title
2. Begin forwarded event: to the top of the Notes field
Updated the spec to add the details.

> TC0021: An email with an event received in Chandler from an other  
> Chandler is automatically stamped as an event. The user doesn't  
> have to stamp it. It seems that you're confusing with a received  
> email that is itself an reply to an invite.

In this case the email that is received in Chandler is a reply to an  
invite. The event details are copied in the notes field and user can  
then stamp it as event or task if they want to.
I'll correct the wording in the test case.

>> Recurrence Test Spec
>> http://svn.osafoundation.org/docs/trunk/testspecs/rel0_7/ 
>> Recurrence-0.7-testspec.html
> Very complete but it's somewhat tedious to read that flattened out  
> list while it looks like a series of 3 (or so...) nested loops of  
> tests. Think about a scheme to "factorize" the test cases so that  
> the plan is easier to read and maintain.
>> Triage Test Spec
>> http://svn.osafoundation.org/docs/trunk/testspecs/rel0_7/ 
>> Triage-0.7-testspec.html
> Good. I think you'll benefit from coming to this afternoon (Tuesday  
> Jan 30th) Design meeting since we're going to go over those cases  
> among other things.
> Cheers,
> - Philippe
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