[Chandler-dev] Recurrence and changes to masters in the dashboard

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at osafoundation.org
Thu Jan 25 19:04:37 PST 2007

Hi Folks,

I'm working on bug 6702, "Clicking on recurring events in the dashboard
doesn't mark them read".

In fact, the events do get marked read, but it's their master event
that's marked read (so read/unread applies to all occurrences).  This is
the desired behavior.

The problem is that changes to masters doesn't cause notifications to
fire in the table.  I wanted to start a conversation on the list about
how best to remedy this.

Intriguingly, until Andi's chandlerdb update today, you could see the
same problem if you changed the title of all recurring events, but that
problem appears to be fixed.


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