[Chandler-dev] Checkpoint report 0.7alpha5.dev-r12767-checkpoint20070102

Dan Steinicke dan at osafoundation.org
Wed Jan 3 15:32:27 PST 2007

Checkpoint testing 0.7alpha5.dev-r12767-checkpoint20070102.
The testing for this  build was focused on wiinXP, Ubuntu. The focus 
will rotate from week to week.

This report is also available on the wiki:
During Checkpoint testing the following Bugs were found:


Bug:7620 Byline shouldn't be editable
Bug:7622 adding/ removing large numbers of timezone locations is slow


Bug:7618 Search textbox is ~3 characters tall on Ubuntu

In the two weeks since the last checkpoint the following bugs were found:

2 NEW regressions were found

Bug:7603 readline broken on linux
Bug:7608 No text in triage column

14 NEW bugs were found

Bug:7594 make world etc should use CHANDLERHOME instead of hardcoded ..
Bug:7595 Add a dialog to turn on timezones when publishing/subscribing
Bug:7597 Chandler Mac can't have space in directory name
Bug:7598 make compilers for mac linking /usr/local/lib/libintl.3.dylib
Bug:7599 Cannot remove from dashboard if in other mine collections
Bug:7601 Remove behavior for recurring events
Bug:7602 Use cElementTree instead of ElementTree for better perf
Bug:7605 Minimum-sized lozenge is uneven top and bottom
Bug:7607 Main calendar canvas lozenges sit 1 pixel too high on grid
Bug:7610 Exception in askTrustSiteCertificate
Bug:7612 Recognizing URLs in the Notes field
Bug:7615 not Cmd/Ctrl - DDELETE should be Cmd/Ctrl - DELETE not Cmd/Ctrl - D
Bug:7617 couldn't restart ChandlerError after deleting a collection 
couldn't restart Chandler
Bug:7619 Add last sync date/time in the status bar


Count of open bugs intended to be fixed in 0.7 : 85 (down 4 from two 
weeks ago).
Count of untargeted open bugs needing triage: 20 (up 12 from two weeks ago).
Count of resolved bugs in last two weeks: 30 (up 13 from two weeks ago)
Count of all new bugs in last two weeks that are still open: 14 (down 1 
from two weeks ago)


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