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Andre Mueninghoff andre_mueninghoff at fastmail.fm
Tue Jan 2 19:40:31 PST 2007


I would vote for a single end-users list for the Chandler/Cosmo
next-gen-PIM, the functionally integrated ecosystem.

Also, in reply to a question posed by Philippe on this topic, I would
agree that functionally, to me, a user forum and a user email list (with
a searchable archive as currently provided by OSAF) is essentially the
same thing. One distinction may be that some users may prefer an
feed-type notices of changes rather than email notices.

I must add a big thank-you to Katie for so skillfully summarizing my
points with far fewer words, and a thank you to all for considering the
suggestion of a user email list.

Happy New Year OSAF!

PS I think I have found finally a way to reproduce reliably the Index
out of Range error with IMAP email I have been seeing for quite awhile.
I will now file that bug requested by Brian Kirsch. I didn't want to
file it until I could reproduce it consistently.

(Off-topic: that C version of the element utility thing (r12777) flies!
9 collections with 172 total event items restored from osaf.us in
approx. 1/3 the time in previous builds.)

On Tue, 02 Jan 2007 19:15:46 -0800, "Katie Capps Parlante"
<capps at osafoundation.org> said:
> I agree. Based on Philippe, Aparna, Andre and Davor's comments, sounds 
> like it is time to go ahead and create a users list. Yay!
> The next question: a separate list for chandler desktop users? One list 
> for end-users of the whole constellation (chandler, cosmo ui on 
> osaf.us)?  I'll re-ask that question on general at .
> Cheers,
> Katie
> Ted Leung wrote:
> > I'd say that if there is demand for a list, we ought to start one.   The 
> > tough thing has been gauging whether or not there is demand.   If people 
> > are getting offlist requests for help or for a list, then I'd say the 
> > time has probably come for a users list of some kind.
> > 
> > Ted
> > 
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